Moving & Making Space

We arrived to our first class together in a light filled room with two full walls of glass windows, one looking out towards the mountains and the other looking in onto us. This year was the inaugural year of our shiny new campus. Throughout the semester class discussions continued to circle back to students experiences […]

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Public Space

Public Space Crisis + Vision Mo:  From an article by Pietro Garau from UCLG committee on urban strategic planning:  “public space is where the two concepts of “equity” and “equality” come together. In public spaces – a street, a sidewalk, a square, a kiosk, a playground, a park, we are all equal, in the sense […]

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Healing Spaces

Healing by Vivian, Chase, Cat and Logan Everyone experiences trauma but no two traumas are the same, just like no two people are the same. And so there can never be any one universal method of healing. We all need different things, different support systems, different coping mechanisms. Today we’re going to talk to you […]

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Bridging the Knowledges of Fiction

Bridging the Knowledges of Fiction: How can fiction serve as a tool for empowerment? By Ashley Gendron, Amberlie Kaiser and Maya Gauvin Ashley Gendron Mythology                                 Watch Islands of Decolonial Love: Leanne Betasamosake Simpson beautifully writes about the truth behind myths as a  “ a theoretical anchor whose meaning transforms over time and space within individual and […]

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Belonging: The self, the us and the Other A sense of belonging is a significant part of our human experience. Although diverse in our individual and collective understanding, it is a fundamental part of forming our relationship to ourselves and the world around us. Through research on the discourse of familiarity and the unknown—cultural displacement—self-understanding—perception […]

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Art & Activism

Group Presentation by Zoe, Candice, Helen, Haley Art & Activism together can cultivate and bring forward critical dialogue, thinking and engagement to help bring awareness and change to various social, political and environmental issues.​ Our group transformed the classroom space into a comfortable space with character. We provided food and tea, led engaging classroom discussions, […]

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A Pedagogical Impulse

We connected with The Pedagogical Impulse team to discuss the project and answer questions in a conversation with the students over Skype. Zoe gave a lecture on the topic of Charity & Gifts. Our MFA teaching assistant Aaniya shared her research through the form of an activity that looks at documenting the stories, rituals and […]

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